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QuickDrop 1.1.8

5 April 2016
  • Fix the welcome message in popup.

QuickDrop 1.1.7

17 June 2015
  • The toolbar icons were moved to a dropdown menu

QuickDrop 1.1.6

10 June 2015
  • Fixed a bug when the folder and other icons were not displayed correct in the latest versions of Chrome
  • Added the possibility to share and delete without closing the image preview

QuickDrop 1.1.4

22 February 2015
  • Display 32x32px image thumbnail in the list.
  • Clicking on the image thumbnail will open the image preview.

QuickDrop 1.1.2

12 January 2015
  • Added the long awaited multiple folders for upload destination. Now you can configure upload folders as many as you need: photos, documents, videos, etc.
    You can choose the necessary folders from context menu and drag & drop upload methods.
  • Added the possibility to download an image when viewing it in carousel.

QuickDrop 1.1.0

17 November 2014
  • The ability to preview an image directly in the popup. A new action "Preview" was added to access this feature.
    The images carousel allows the navigation through all the images in the current folder.
  • Creating a folder is now available.
  • Redesigned the loading images indicator in the popup.
  • Small bug fixes.

QuickDrop 1.0.4

7 November 2014
  • Fixed a bug when renaming a file or folder can create duplicated entries. A warning message will appear when a file or folder with the same name already exists.
  • Redesigned the icons to gray style in the upload files section.

QuickDrop 1.0.0

3 September 2014
  • Introducing the important Search feature. Just write a query intro search field and the result will be displayed right away.
    Near each search result the parent folder is displayed.
  • Added the possibility to generate short links for shared files and folders (for example: https://db.tt/WLHXn80h). A checkbox Generate short links for shared files was added to settings form to enable this feature.

QuickDrop 0.9.7

20 August 2014
  • Added the possibility to get the share link right after the file upload
  • Visual improvements for file upload controls

QuickDrop 0.9.4

12 August 2014

Initial released version.
Extension tested and ready for production.