QuickDrop icon

The Chrome extension designed for the best Dropbox experience

Explore files and folders

  • Access Dropbox files and folders using only a toolbar icon. List the files, navigate through folders.
  • Breadcrumbs bar allows easily to jump in the navigated folders
  • Sort files by name or modification date
  • Quick search in the remote storage. Just introduce the query into the search field and the matched files will be displayed instantly
  • Carousel preview for the images in the folder

File and folder actions

Each element in the popup list has an useful dropdown menu with the following options:
  • Preview (for images) allows to view the image in the popup
  • Get share link allows to get the share link of the file or folder. After clicking the menu item, the share link will be copied directly into your clipboard
  • Download gives the possibility to download the file from Dropbox
  • Rename a file or folder
  • Delete a file or folder with it's content

Download to Dropbox

  • Download to cloud storage any file from the webpage using context menu. Right click on an image or file link (the file link must contain a readable file name, for example: http://site.com/file.pdf), choose and click the upload destination folder from context menu and the file will be downloaded to the storage
  • Progress bar to inform you how much time it takes

Drag & drop upload

  • Drag & drop upload from your local computer by simply dragging a file to any Chrome page. Open the file explorer, drag & drop a file to any opened Chrome page, choose the upload destination folder (it should highlight in orange when dragging over it) and the upload process will start right away
  • Progress bar to inform you how much time it takes to upload the file. The process can be stopped at any time
  • Share link can be created after uploading. This will copy to your clipboard the share url of the new file

Carousel image preview

  • While listing the content of a folder, click on image thumbnail or preview action to open the carousel preview for images in current folder
  • Use the left and right arrows to navigate through all the images in current folder. The images count and current index are displayed on the bottom right side
  • Use the download, share and delete buttons to work with the image without closing the carousel preview

Search with Chrome omnibox

Searching in the cloud for files and folders is now incredible easy:
  • From a Chrome tab type in the address bar the keyword qd, then press the Tab button to activate the omnibox search
  • Then type the file or folder name and wait a bit until the search result is displayed
  • Select with down / up keys the necessary item and hit Enter
  • The extension will redirect you to the selected item in your Dropbox account


The extension has several configuration options:
  • Multiple upload destination folders for all upload operations. Click on the + in the text field to add as many folders as you need
  • Short shared links like https://db.tt/Ui5SH6E3 instead of the long Dropbox ones
  • Date and time format to improve readability